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The various works of

Lloyd Fell and friends

Stories of various kinds

The story of Lode (My Life as a Kookabura) is being revised at present. It will be returned here soon.

Here are two Didactic Dialogues that you might find interesting if you are studying in this field.

1. The Scientific and the Imaginative by Lloyd Fell and David Russell

This is essentially an argument between objectivity and subjectivity.

This is an imagined meeting between two significant pioneers in the history of thinking about the biology of mind who could never have actually met - Jakob von Uexkull (1864 - 1944) and Lorenz Oken (1779 - 1851).

And a few Short Stories from long ago that might give you a laugh - the first two, anyway.

They were all written to help me deal with problems I perceived around my workplace as an animal welfare scientist such as a lack of respect for farmers (Alright Jack) and my inability to communicate with the real world in the early days (The Doctor and the Dogs).

 The third is from a time when my life seemed to be mainly going to meetings and changing babies nappies (Spock on Meeting Procedure).

The last two are more like fables about some dilemmas to do with my research on animal welfare (The Lion, the Eagle and the Mountain and Dexter's Dream