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The various works of

Lloyd Fell and friends


I guess I've always been a songwriter and I'm just sorry that the melodies I wrote for most of these songs are not yet written down here.

But the lyrics are here and they are divided between two songbooks - the 26 that I have used most often in my teaching in Volume 1 and another 70, including some other great favourites for me, in Volume 2.

Only one of my songs has ever been professionally recorded and the story about that is explained under One Recorded Song with some audio of it as well.

As an interim measure I have copied previously published versions of a few of the songs on Some of the Melodies.

There is low-quality audio of some of the songs in a workshop under Presentations. My best-known song (and sort of theme song for Maturana's way of thinking) is called The Song of Autonomous Unities and The Drifting Song and The Second-Order Song have also been used quite a lot. Another song that my colleague Alan Stewart has used a lot (it was written for him) is called The Conversing Cafe. There is a low-quality audio of that. Please excuse my bad singing, but the folksinger Cate Burke helped me out very nicely.

By the way this musical man graphic that is my biosong logo was created by Graham Sharpe when we first produced Stress: The Musical together in 1988.