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The various works of

Lloyd Fell and friends

Presentations at Conferences and Workshops

There are three Conference Papers

One I presented to the Second Conference on Spirituality Leadership and Management held in Richmond, NSW, Australia in 1999. It is called Songlines in the City - Hearing the Spirit Dimension

The second was presented by my colleague Alan Stewart at the First World Conference on Systemic Management in Vienna in 2001. It is called The Conversing Company: Its Culture, Power and Potential.

The third was presented by my colleague Vladimir Dimitrov at a Systems Conference. It is called Autopoiesis in Organisations

Notes and songs from various workshops

The Spirit of Social Ecology

There were so many of these that I do not have anything like a proper record. This audio clip is not an actual event, but a reconstruction, of a talk I gave to students in Social Ecology. It is typical of what I tried to do using the biology of mind and love in an educational context. These talks always included some of my simpler songs that I would get everyone to join in singing because that was a vital part of experiencing the workshop. The whole thing is very tongue-in-cheek. I made this reconstruction at the request of an overseas educator who wanted a copy. Please excuse the poor quality of the recording and the singing.

Co-Drifting Workshop in Adelaide

These notes are from a workshop which David Russell and I presented to the wonderful Cybernetics Group in Adelaide many years ago. It was one of the first of many workshops we did together; others will be added here. It includes the song Cybernetical People in Adelaide and also an acrostic.

Stanwell Corporation - and example of a workshop to business

Stanwell Corporation is a major electricity-generating company owned by the Queensland Government and based in Rockhampton. I was invited to lead a workshop on Knowledge and Spirit in the Workplace. At the time of this workshop I was Secretary of Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLAM) Network Limited.

These notes give a general idea of the way I tried to use songs - even in boardrooms - to trigger meanings around cognition and spirituality. The songs used here include A Little Knowledge, Making it Happen and No Singing Allowed in this Boardroom.